Air conditioning Servicing and Maintenance

Whatever the refrigerant capacity of your air conditioning units all systems benefit from regular servicing and a maintenance check. How often this takes place really depends on the type of unit you have and whether it is used for home or business use and the type of business, such as a restaurant or warehouse.

One thing for certain, once fitted we soon come to rely on air conditioning to provide cooling and warmth when we need it. There is nothing more annoying than finding that your unit is not working properly when you are freezing cold in the winter or too hot in the summer and then not being able to find an engineer available to fix it.

Regular servicing will keep your system clean, lubricated and working efficiently ready to be used at the touch of a button just like when you made your initial purchase. A regular planned inspection may be able to highlight any wear and tear issues before a problem arises.

Our comprehensive service maintenance package covers:

  • Testing and cleaning of system and filters
  • Component lubrication (if required)
  • Detailed inspection of indoor and outdoor units
  • Written report and details of any advice or recommendations
  • Priority given to Business Essential customers

We offer competitive rates on annual, twice yearly, quarterly or monthly servicing. For more information on our range of maintenance packages call us on 01202 41999 or use our contact form to advise us of the best time to call you.

Business Essential air conditioning 24 hour call out

We understand for some businesses air conditioning is an essential piece of equipment and breakdown can have a huge impact on your business and your bottom line. For example, if you need to keep your server room cool or your warehouse warm a breakdown can mean a shut down in production.

and one of our installation experts will arrange a speedy repair.

For those clients who need an immediate repair we offer a 24 hour call out service, please call us on 01202 41999